360 Review

This module allows for a customized 360 review to be conducted
on selected or all employees in the organisation. Raters can conduct
manager, subordinate, colleague, customer and self ratings. Raters
can be other organisational employees or outside customers, suppliers
or stakeholders. The 360 review system also allows for rater nominations
to be made and approved by the manager.

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  • Employee Rater nomination and manager approval
  • Question / profile database pre-populated
  • Multiple Profiles assembled from database of statements
  • Five Types of ratings: Self, Manager, Subordinate, Colleague, Customer.
  • 4 or 5 point rating scale and Not Applicable option
  • Forced or non-forced comments
  • Track and manage nomination and rating process
  • Reminder e-mail generation
  • Approval of raters by managers
  • Pre-designed reporting capability
  • Scores including and excluding self rating
  • Anonymous feedback of comments
  • Group and departmental analysis